COVID - 19 Update

It's up to you! We have created options with your mental & physical health in mind.

At our core, we desire to love God, love one another, and love our city — even more so in the midst of this season. In fact, in times like these where a global pandemic is changing our daily life, we want to share God’s love and peace all the more. COVID-19 is impacting everyone in some way and our desire during this season is to provide hope. Unprecedented is a word that we have heard a lot this year. With the pandemic, the state of the world, and the presidential election, there has been chaos, confusion, heartache and division. While we can’t know what is to come, we need you to know something: You are loved by the living God. Today, tomorrow, and into next year—no matter what transpires in the coming days or weeks—we ask you to remember: You are not alone in this. You matter to us and we will face what comes next together.

This past weekend, the Yuba - Sutter area has seen an alarming number of COVID - 19 cases rise. The church has been put in a hard place. Through much prayer & conversation - starting THIS Sunday, November 29th, we have decided to move all of our in person gatherings online. This includes all age groups. We did not come to this decision lightly. The church is not limited to a specific building. Gathering online is equally as important as gathering in person, especially right now. We are working tirelessly to create an online experience that is engaging & full of hope. Hope for today, tomorrow and for the future. We are living in a world that is constantly changing. The good news is: God never changes. He is the same, today, tomorrow & always! Just because our gatherings aren’t in person - doesn’t mean the presence of God can be stopped. The presence of God can’t be stopped.

We will be live streaming at 9am & 11am on Facebook, youtube & our website. We encourage you to interact in the comments. As we invite our friends to church in person, share our live stream on your feed & invite others to view the service with you. We want to interact & connect with you as much as we can. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. We are working on simple, tangible ways for you to connect online. Your mental & physical health is our upmost priority. If you need prayer, or need specific needs met - please reach out to one of our pastors or through our website. You are not alone during this time. We are facing this pandemic together. 

Love you, Church Family!

- Hope Point Staff