Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join and when do Hope Groups meet?

Easy, we will release signups 4-5 weeks prior to the start of each Hope Group season allowing you to choose a group. Our goal is to have groups that meet on several different nights of the week at different homes and locations across our community.

How big are Hope Groups?

We limit each hope group to no more than 16 people in order to maintain a more intimate setting. This allows for more intentional dialogue and deeper discussions to happen.

Why do we meet seasonally and not all year?

Meeting seasonally serves a couple purposes. For starters the sign up process leading up to each Hope Group season creates the opportunity for a more organic flow of new people to get connected. We believe that as a church, the more connected we are the more committed we are. We also understand that the pace of the world around us never seems to slow down. With so many things fighting for our time and attention, a seasonal small group model allows space for variety to exist, existing relationships to continue, new leaders to grow, and a clear time commitment for everyone involved. 

Is there a difference between each season?

Each season will be different. There will be seasons where all groups study the same sermon based material with the purpose of unifying, focusing and deepening our hearts together as one church. During other seasons groups will be more topical with the intention of reaching a variety of demographics. These groups can range from a focus on marriage and parenting to men’s and women’s groups to book studies and more. 

Can I be in the same Hope Group for more than one season?

You are always welcome to sign up for a group with people you have been with in a previous group. However, each season groups will shift and change as we grow. We believe that real growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones and meet new people, all while allowing for existing relationship to continue. Our goal is for each group to be internally healthy, but externally focused.