NextGen Kids

0-3rd grade

Not - So - Normal January

Why be like everyone else when we can be wacky, backward, and weird? We can try to blend in and be like everyone else, or we can stand up and stand out. After all, that’s what Jesus did! When Jesus showed up, His whole life seemed not-so-normal to most people. From His childhood to His early ministry, it was clear from the beginning that Jesus wasn’t like most people. In the next 4 weeks, your kids will examine the early life and ministry of Jesus and discover that Jesus is not normal, that Jesus is God, that Jesus is perfect, and that Jesus invites us to be not-so-normal along with Him. So let’s be not so normal, every week will be a different way to express yourself.

January 10th:

Pajama Day - wear your favorite pajamas

January 17th:

Wacky Hair Day - fix your hair however you want or just come straight from bed but have fun with it

January 24th:

Rainbow Day, wear as many colors as you can

January 31st:

Sports Day, wear anything sports related

You will collect points for your class and the winning class will get a pizza party!

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