Sundays at Hope Point

What To Expect

Welcome Home Atmosphere

At Hope Point, we want you to feel like you are apart of a family. We have a multi generational & multi cultural church. We want you to come as you are - not as you should be. We embrace a casual atmosphere here at Hope Point. You can wear a suit or you can wear shorts & flip flops. Whatever you decide - you are welcome here.

Spirit Led Worship

We are blessed with a talented worship team. We love to declare the name of Jesus on Sunday mornings through worship! We have a contemporary worship style, but we make sure to sing a hymn every week. Through worship, we aim to create a sacred time for you to encounter the Holy Spirit.

Relatable Preaching

Each week, Pastor Doug preaches the word of God in a relatable and practical way. His sermons are culturally relevant and spirit lead. To watch the latest & past sermons - click on the "watch" tab on our menu.

Family Style

What about my kids? Great question! We have multiple options. Our 9am service is a "family style" service. It's geared towards your entire family. We have a section of tables where your family can sit together. Your children will be given a packet of actives and they can also enjoy "Jenn & PD" at the beginning of the service. At our 11am service, we worship together in the sanctuary. After worship, your kids (4 years old - 5th grade) can enjoy a breakout session that is specifically designed for them.

What if my child gets antsy in the service? Another great question! Much like the early church, we value ALL generations. If your baby cries during the service or your kids get antsy - it's okay. There is no judgement. There is something special about all generations worshipping together! With that being said, we understand that sometimes meltdowns happen. At our 9am service, we have an area in the lobby designated for parents with infants & toddlers. Feel free to make yourself at home on one of the couches & watch the service on the tv screen. At our 11am service, we have multiple options for you. You can step out into the lobby OR you can head into the nursery with your infant or toddler. We just ask that you stay with your child at all times.

When & How To Watch

We have two indoor services on Sundays:

9am - Family Style Service

11am - Family Style Worship + Kids Breakouts

Services are streamed live on our Facebook + Youtube accounts. Check us out on social media: @hopepointnazyc