Our Team

Say hello to the leadership team at Hope Church

Meet our team

Doug Smith - Lead Pastor

Pastor Doug | douglas.smith4@icloud.com

Dan Hastings - Executive Pastor

Dan Hastings | danh@hopepointnaz.org

Hannah Maddalena - Online Ministry Director

Hannah Maddalena | hannah@hopepointnaz.org

Colby Middlebrooks - High School Ministry Director

Colby Middlebrooks | cmiddlebrooks84@gmail.com

Justin Bronder - Middle School Ministry Director

Justin Bronder | jpbonder@hopepointnaz.org

Matt Wickline - 4th & 5th Grade Ministry Director

Matt Wickline | matthew.wickline@yahoo.com

Jennifer Hastings - Childrens Ministry Director

Jennifer Hastings | jenn@hopepointnaz.org

Nate Kurtz - Tech Director

Nate Kurtz | natekurtz21@gmail.com

Stefanie Miller - Finance Director

Stephanie Miller | stephanie@hopepointnaz.org

Gerry Stanford - Custodian